What I have witnessed in the GoodCinema community is a group of high powered, vulnerable, courageous people who are engaging in true human connection, sharing vulnerable parts of themselves, and feeling safe doing so because of how strong and powerful this community is. The GoodCinema experience is truly an incredible experience to be had, and its 100% a community that I will continue to surround myself with.
— Max, Denver
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I typically feel stuck, irritable, and upset during the work day. I dread the stress and long hours that come with my job. But the day after “Happy”, I awoke with a greater sense of purpose and managed to change the story in my head into something positive! It was easier to practice gratitude throughout the day and I left my office with more energy and happiness than I have in months! GoodCinema was like a fast-acting dose of good medicine and I was uplifted for over the next 24 hours.
— Laura, Denver
GoodCinema has opened my eyes to other world perspectives and cultural experiences when it comes to current social issues. Each showing has encouraged me to pause and reflect upon my own understanding of the world, and has never failed to expose new thoughts and ideas, pushing me to see beyond what I had thought was ideal or truth. More importantly, the presented issues and correlating panelist discussions have touched me deeply to the point where I feel called to action, even if I haven’t been personally affected. I feel such a profound sense of belonging and community that I’ve not gotten elsewhere, a truly valuable experience all around.
— Brittany, Denver
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GoodCinema consistently not only discovers, promotes, and screens films that are important commentaries on contemporary society, but facilitates much needed discussions about the films and subject matter, bringing together stakeholders and experts to discuss the matters portrayed.
— Travis, Greeley
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