About Us

Bill Byrnes, Founder


I see the world as a beautiful place in desperate need of deeper human connection. My goal is to transcend the lines that divide us by focusing on the one thing we all share in common - humanity. By seeing each other as more alike than different, we are able to work together towards common goals that benefit the greater good, creating a safer, happier, and more equitable society for all.

After watching many thought-provoking films and documentaries, I found myself thinking about them for weeks, telling others what I had learned, and making tangible changes in my life as a result. What I noticed, however, was that the small changes I made and the few people I talked to didn't make much of difference on a larger scale. I also noticed that there was no real platform for people to discuss social issues other than social media, which transforms most conversations into a vitriolic spitting match.

Then it came to me - what if there was a place that a community could gather to watch thought-provoking films, discuss social issues, and work together towards tangible solutions... Maybe we could see some real change. But this is just the beginning. GoodCinema is not about me. It is about all of us coming together as a community, learning from film and open dialogue, and taking action to leave a positive social impact.

When not changing the world through film, I can be found on various adventures in the mountains, dancing ecstatically to what most consider weird music, writing socially-conscious poetry under the name B-Twice, or kickin' it with my beautiful wife and partner in changing the world, Laura.


Jenna Sezionale Basilicato, Director of Impact

There is nothing more important to me than real connection, community, and support. I am here to witness people’s raw essence, to connect with people on a real human level, uncover the gold beneath the surface and bring it to the light. As Ram Dass says so well, “we’re all going to the same place... on the good days, we’re walking on the same path, close together, and we’re walking each other home.”

I see GoodCinema as the good days where we are walking each other home. Every GoodCinema event moves me to tears creating compassion, understanding, and empathy for others. It moves me to reach out further into my community and extend a hand. As Director of Impact, I have the privilege of innovating on our customer experience so that people leave events feeling connected to themselves and others. We create a space where we can come together and develop new perspectives so that we can show up in the world differently, relating to others with more compassion and joy.


Laura Fischer, Storyteller


At the age of five, I declared I was going to become a Supreme Court justice so I could “make child abuse illegal”. While I haven’t been appointed to the bench (yet), I have managed to become a practicing attorney. And while I didn’t pursue criminal practice, I have devoured films, books, and podcasts focused on human interest pieces and social justice.

I am passionate about people, their stories, and the social, economic, and environmental issues that plague our communities.  But passion hasn’t been enough to make a real difference, and I intend to make a difference in this life. That's why I am thrilled to be a part of GoodCinema - I, and all who participate, have an opportunity to be the positive change our world so desperately needs.

At GoodCinema, we fiercely believe that listening and connecting to others are the tools for creating change. My contributions include interviewing members of the community who have been impacted by the many issues our film screenings will explore. I look forward to helping our friends and neighbors tell their stories, so we can all learn from one another and effect change together.

In addition to reading and writing, I enjoy yoga, hiking, and quality time with friends (human and canine alike). International travel and sharing all of life’s experiences with my best friend and partner in life, Bill, fills my cup.


Our Story

GoodCinema was founded in 2018 at a time of divisive politics, racial tension, growing economic inequality, and the proliferation of technology in every aspect of our lives. In times like these, we look to the arts for a common thread to weave humanity together. We share these moments of connection but are often left to our own thoughts and interpretation, lacking the integration necessary to process each experience.

As a diverse and inclusive community, we learn more from each other than the film itself. By engaging in thoughtful discussion and building inspired momentum together, we energize the community to deepen connections with each other, themselves, and the world to drive impact where it’s needed most.


THANK YOU to our generous Partners!

Film. Community. Impact. We are GoodCinema.

We watch films with intention.

We discuss current issues as a community.

We harness our shared energy to drive action.

We learn about ourselves, each other, and the world.

We make progress through empathy, engagement, and impact.